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Step Outside the Box

I always try to encourage my kids to "lead" the pack, start their own trends, and take risks, instead of being self-conscious about what other people think! Being young is time to be silly and have fun, but this is definitely easier said then done. I wrote this song to inspire them, and others, to be confident and not be afraid to be themselves. There's always too much worrying about not being good enough versus just going doing things to have fun!



Everybody’s dancing and you want to dance

But you think that you’ve got two left feet

Everybody’s singing and you want to sing

But you think your voice doesn’t sound so sweet

Don’t let that stand in your way

Just make your move and everything will be okay



Step Outside the Box

Show ‘em what you got

Shine bright like the sun

Go and have some fun

Step outside the box


Just give it a shot

Don’t worry bout what others say,

make your move and lead the way

Step outside, step outside the box


All your friends at recess, play a soccer game

But you think that your skills are not the same

It’s hard to leave your comfort zone, but go and try it, don’t deny it

You are not alone



It’s never easy, to try something new

Believe it when I tell you it’s the best thing you can do

So step outside, step outside, step outside


Repeat chorus

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