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  1. RSVP
  2. Rocketship
  3. Shoes
  4. Hand Me Downs
  5. Allergies
  6. Find a Way
  7. Big Ocean
  8. Step Outside the Box
  9. Pick a Pumpkin
  10. Balloons
  11. One and One Makes Two
  12. Driving


One of the most common things I ask as we are running out the door in my house is, "Where are your shoes???" With most things, I turn moments like these into a song! I remember approaching Marty with the demo for this one and letting him know it was kind of a strange and maybe silly idea for a song and his response was, "A good song is a good song." I wanted a piano song with a Sara Barreillis style and Peter nailed it! I had been hearing the instrumental part in my head for awhile that become the cello part. I love the mommy mania in this one!


I’ve looked left, right, up down

Searching but they can’t be found

Can somebody help me  baby

Are they in a bag, in a drawer, on a shelf, behind the door

This is going to drive me crazy


We are in a situation

We’re at the point of desperation

Cause we can’t go outside with our bare feet



Where where where where where where are your shoes,

Where where where where where where where are they baby?

Well, you had them on just yesterday,

C'mon now we’re running late

So where where where where where where where are your shoes?


Are they inside, outside, lose them on a bike ride

Did you throw them in your hamper

I’m a stark raving lunatic, someone better find them quick

Mommy’s not a happy camper


Don’t have a minute to spare

If you want me out of your hair

You’d better look around and find them fast


Repeat chorus


Sandals, sneakers, Mary Janes, high tops

Ballet flats,  rain boots, slides and flip flops


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