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  1. RSVP
  2. Rocketship
  3. Shoes
  4. Hand Me Downs
  5. Allergies
  6. Find a Way
  7. Big Ocean
  8. Step Outside the Box
  9. Pick a Pumpkin
  10. Balloons
  11. One and One Makes Two
  12. Driving


While my own kids do not have summer Birthdays, we have many friends whose children are born in July and August and we have learned it can be tough to throw a party during the summer when many kids are away at camp or on vacation! For some reason, I thought this would be a good song idea! LOL! I also loved hearing my name in songs or on TV shows as a kid, so I really enjoyed creating a song that had many children's names in it!



Invitations have been sent and now all we do is wait


Mommy said it’s getting closer to the RSVP date

Those four letters mean in French can you kindly please reply

Mark you calendars, my birthday's on the 7th of July



répondez s'il vous plait

I hope you can make my birthday

répondez s'il vous plait

I hope you can make my birthday



Now I’m finding out the hard way that a Summer celebration

May not have too many guests, they’re all on vacation

I don’t get to hear my name announced or wear a birthday crown

I just want to have a party, but nobody’s around


Repeat chorus



Alexa’s in Texas and Clio’s in Rio

Billy’s in Philly with Cecil and Leo

And Alya and Jonah are in Arizona

How bout Jane, she’s in Maine


Repeat Chorus


Jessie can't make it

Quinton can't make it

Sarah can't make it


Ella, Owen, Delaney, Jada, Lucas, Wyatt, James. Connor, Livvie, Violet, Ava, Tess, Maggie and Paige. Delilah, Shunji, Caleb, Charlotte, Noah, Chloe, Jay. Alejandro, Zaylee, Sabrina, Brooke, Reese, Cody and Tate.


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