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Pick a Pumpkin

All the wonderful things about Fall wrapped up in a 3 minute and 19 second song! Candy apples - check. Corn maze - check. Picking pumpkins - check. Leaf collection - check. Football - check.



Summer’s over, but I’m not sad

The season upon us not so bad

Leaves are changing, falling down

Red, orange, yellow all over town

The air is cool  we’re back in school

Now there’s new things to make us smile

October’s here, November’s near

So, let’s get out for awhile



Time to pick a pumpkin

Get Lost in a corn maze

Eat some candy apples

Gather leaves for our collection

Carving Jack O Lanterns

While football’s on TV

Fall is the perfect time for me



Making our way to the pumpkin patch looking around for the perfect match

Glowing orange the ground, taking a hay ride all around

An endless sea of apple trees

We’re together you and me

The way that it should be, the way that it should be





Mommy’s drinking pumpkin coffee

Grandma’s making pumpkin pie

Pumpkin Pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie


Repeat chorus

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