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  4. Hand Me Downs
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Hand Me Downs

My third child lives in hand me downs - from her sister, friends and neighbors. I rarely buy her anything new and the few timed I did, she refused to wear them because she wanted to wear things that were her sister's and friend's! This song was the last one written for the album!



Maya’s in class showing off her new dress

It’s yellow with butterflies

She said she got it for her birthday and it’s the perfect size

Now I think new clothes are nice

But I’d like them better if they’ve been worn twice



Talking ‘bout hand me downs, running through my family

Hand me Downs, rolling through the neighborhood

It feels so good cause we’re sharing clothes and our pajamas

No one’s ever gonna want for more, it’s like our very own store

With clothes that have been worn before



These blue jeans used to be my cousin’s and Lindsay gave me all of her old shoes

There’s got to be more than a dozen bags that we will be sorting through

Feels like shopping spree, can’t believe that this is all free


Repeat chorus


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