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Find a Way

I have had many trips to the toy store where I've had to tell my kids, "We are not here for you." This can be a tricky concept for a child! I thought I'd turn into a song of determination where the child tries to figure out how to get the toy he wants! I love performing this song live with the band.



I Went to the toy store with my Mommy

Had to buy a gift for my friend Bailey

My mom spoke to me very clearly

That we were not going there for me



There it was just a lookin’ at me, it was so close yet so out of reach

I could beg and I could plead, but I know she’s gonna say no



I’m gonna find a way to make that toy all mine

I’m gonna find a way to bring it home with me

I can’t bear to see it on the shelf, all by itself

Oh no, I’ve got to find a way-ay,ay  - yeah,  way-ay-ay, yeah, way-ay-ay



Maybe I can walk my neighbor’s doggie

Or I could shovel Mrs. Kenney’s driveway

Wash my Daddy’s car if it’s sunny

Time for me to start earning some money



There’s not enough in my piggy bank

What should I do, I’m drawing a blank

I could wait till my birthday comes or sell some lemonade.



Mommy, please, I've been a real good girl. It would mean the world to me


Repeat chorus


You know it belongs to, You know it belongs to, You know it belongs to me.

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