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  3. Shoes
  4. Hand Me Downs
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  10. Balloons
  11. One and One Makes Two
  12. Driving


As a mom of three, I can assure you I thought of this song while I was driving one of them somewhere! As parents, we often feel like a taxi service, but let's face it - our kids are busy now-a-days. I think this song makes a great sing along as you drive from place to place! We're always kind of in a hurry, right?



Driving driving in my car

Driving driving near and far

Driving driving east and west

Driving driving with the rest



Everbody’s moving

Everybody’s going

Radio is on

While the traffic’s flowing

Kind of in a hurry

Trying not to worry

Are we gonna make it on time?



Driving driving back and forth

Driving driving south and north

Driving driving aimlessly

Driving driving so you’ll fall asleep


Repeat Chorus



How come we are so busy running around from place to place

But as long as I’m with you, don’t matter what we do

I just love to see your smiling face


Repeat Chorus

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